Does an amber necklace help during teething?

Does an amber necklace help during teething? Amber necklace have been worn as jewels for a long time. Traditionally is said that amber have medical benefits and a protective effect. It should bring joy and help to get rid or fears.

Midwives recommend carrying amber necklaces. Especially parents with teething babies count on the "magic" of amber.

Adapted from The Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia:

"Amber is very popular among mothers who have teething children. An amber necklace around the neck of the baby is ought to ease the process of teething. Hopefully it will reduce the pain of teething if the baby chews the chain. They say amber has an anti-inflammatory effect. A more probable reason is that the material its it is light and does not hurt the baby's palate. Also "positive vibrations" are mentioned in the crystal healing which amber radiates."

Translated from:

In ancient literature the positive vibrations of amber were often mentioned. In the modern you also finds a lot of mention of amber necklaces in association with teething discomfort.

"Teething discomfort can be eased by Escatitona-teeth drops, Osanit-balls or with an amber necklace."

Adapted and translated from the book of Kovacs, Heike / Szymczak, Angelika / Kurth, Tanja: Unser Baby ist da! Gebundene Ausgabe - 2000, S. 87.

However, it is not possible to scientifically prove this.

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